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Bhagyalakshmi R Sira

Ayurveda Arzt

Our Ayurveda Expert

Bhagyalakshmi R. SIRA is our Ayurveda doctor. She has more than 14 years of experience in authentic ayurveda practice. Her indepth knowledge of European life style and food habits enables her to diagnose and treat various disorders according to ayurvedic principles.

She is registered by EMR, EGK and ASCA. Majority of supplementary insurances accept our treatments and counselling costs. Please clarify directly with your health insurance company about the refund of therapies

Ayurveda for Menstruation Problem
I came to Dr. Bhagyalakshmi as I had missed my period for two years. My gynecologist had recommended me medication (hormones) and was of the opinion that it was due to my slight underweight. But since I didn't just want to take hormones, I looked for another solution and, through a colleague, came across Ayurveda Medicine and Dr. Bhagyalakshmi. After only half a year in therapy with her with a diet plan and various herbs and ghee, I got my period again once and now after a year with her I finally have my period regularly again, without any artificial hormones. 
Thank you very much!

- Frau HF

Ayurveda for Chronic Skin Disease
Please keep up your wonderful work and really many many thanks for everything!
You literally changed my life / health!
- Herr CB

Ayurveda for Chronic Metabolic Diseases

I have been consulting Dr. Bhagyalakshmi at Om Ayurveda,  since last 12 weeks for the treatment of a chronic health condition. The treatment course consisting of a combination of diet control and Ayurvedic medication has helped me greatly in managing my condition without the tablets that I was on since the past few years, prior to this treatment. 
The personalized and disciplined methodology of the treatment that is being provided has given me the confidence that it would soon be possible for me to lead a healthy life free of medication. 
The treatment at Om Ayurveda has been covered by my insurance provider and this helps.

- Herr BP

Ayurveda for stress 
I had stress and sleep disorders. Ayurveda has successfully helped me to overcome it. 
- Herr GR 

I can highly recommend Dr Sira. There should be more doctors like her.
10 stars from me!
- Frau HA

Ayurveda Zurich 


Our aim is to bring the traditional Indian medicine in its purest form to the needy.  
We use the methods of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to understand your body and problems in depth by : 
Naadi pariksha - Pulse diagnosis  
Assessment of prakruthi - Vata, Pitta, Kapha constitution 
We invite you to come and experience, rejuvenate, heal, and balance your body and mind with : 
Ayurvedic Nutrition for individual body constitution 
Balancing through herbal therapy 
Recuperation and rejuvenation by Panchakarma therapies 
More than Ayurveda  
All our consultations or therapies are blend of Ayurvedic treatments with Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing technics), Marma chikithsa and Ayurvedic diet, which is suitable to your present lifestyle.  
For us it is not only to give treatments according your conditions but it's an opportunity to share our knowledge of ancient Ayurveda traditions.
Vata Pitta Kapha

Body-Nature Analysis


Pulse diagnosis


Diet Modifications


Stress Management


Weight Management


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Ayurveda Zurich

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 09:00- 19:00

How to reach us:  
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Many metered parking places (White) available in front of our Center

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